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28 May
offshore corporation bank account is the first stop into Reducing Tax

Aggressive Anti-Money-Laundering Efforts Make Offshore Banking More Challenging

I’ve been reporting on the coming of FATCA for eight years. That’s old news. FATCA has arrived. It’s a reality of today’s offshore world. Banks have decided or are in the process of deciding which path they’ll follow toward compliance. Either they’ll continue to work with American clients and meet all the reporting requirements… or […]

11 Sep
Know Your Client Rules And Requirements Around The World

Know Your Client Rules And Requirements Around The World

The unintended consequences of FATCA and the overreach of the U.S. government and the IRS have started playing out around the world. In the last week, I’ve heard from a half-dozen people with “know your client” tales of woe. Indeed, I have my own. Let’s start with the know-your-client form that the homeowner’s insurance company […]