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23 May
Dominican Republic Elections

Dominican Republic Elections Signify A Continued Growth

Last week’s presidential elections in the Dominican Republic caused quite a stir… not only for locals but also for attendees at the conference I hosted in Santo Domingo. About a third of the conference-goers had pulled together all the paperwork necessary to be able to submit their residency applications while in the country for the […]

19 May
Dominican Republic Residency

Dominican Republic Residency Raises Flag-Planting Options

In my Monday dispatch, I reported on the option to qualify for residency in the Dominican Republic by making a US$200,000 investment in a CD in that country. A reader wrote yesterday asking for clarification. He was confused, because his Dominican attorney had assured him that he had to use a corporation to qualify for […]

11 Jun
dominican republic

Residency, Citizenship, Real Estate, Investment, And Banking In The Dominican Republic

Why the Dominican Republic? That’s the question I put out to the group the opening morning of the Live and Invest in the Dominican Republic Conference I’m hosting in Santo Domingo this week. Now we’re spending three days drawing out the answers. In short, the answer is that this island nation is your best option […]