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15 Apr
Costa Nova, Portugal.

Building An International Property Investment Portfolio

Investment professionals in the United States are trained on financial products. As a result, the investment and retirement portfolios that most of them recommend include paper investments only, in three categories—stocks, bonds, and cash.  Depending on your age and your risk tolerance, most financial advisors will tell you to put some percentage of your investment […]

17 Dec
Building A Real Estate Investment Portfolio

Building A Real Estate Investment Portfolio Using Leverage

It’s possible some places overseas to invest with leverage. However, as a foreign investor, you aren’t going to find 100% mortgages. Typically, you’ll be lucky to get an 80% loan-to-value mortgage. Generally speaking you’ll need to put 30% to 50% down to get bank financing overseas… and the other terms of the mortgage won’t be […]

16 Nov
New Property Investment Service Launches Today

New Property Investment Service Launching

Tomorrow we’re publishing the first issue of my newest advisory service, Global Property Advisor (GPA). I’ve written and edited many global property investment services. This is the best. First, because it reflects my now more than 20 years of experience. Second, because it is being launched at the start of the current Golden Age of […]