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10 Jul
bogus passports offshore

The Bogus Passport Market Continues To Grow (And Breed Trouble)

Occasionally, I meet someone who’s offended that I’m in the citizenship and passport business. “Citizenship shouldn’t be bought and sold like a pair of shoes,” a man once told me. “I think it’s scandalous that some countries are selling their citizens’ birthright.” I disagree. We live in a world where governments have assigned themselves the […]

12 Apr
The World’s Best Foreign Residency Options

The World’s Best Foreign Residency Options

There's No Such Thing As The "Best" Way To Go Offshore I have a friend who is pursuing multiple residency options concurrently. He's in different stages of trying to establish residency in several different countries with an eye to eventually obtaining citizenship in each one, as well. He figures that at least one of the [...]