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28 Nov
Declaring Property Overseas To The IRS

Declaring Property Overseas To The IRS

An important question came up during the Offshore Summit I hosted in Panama City last week. The question was to do with if and how Americans must report non-U.S. real estate holdings to the IRS. Specifically, this is the question: Must an American report foreign real estate he owns on the new Form 8938?

25 Nov
Taking the most beneficial option under IRS regulations isn’t tax evasion. It’s using the rules to minimize your taxes burden.

Offshore Tax-Filing

A U.S. friend trying to figure out his tax situation after moving overseas recently used the word “tiresome” to explain his position on U.S. taxes offshore. Specifically, he was referring to all the forms he now may or may not need to file. Does he meet the threshold for filing the FBAR and Form 8938? […]

16 Oct
International Tax Review

International Tax Review

“You’ll notice that Lief is in his office as usual,” I wrote this morning to our Panama City staff. “However,” I continued, “he asks that you pretend that he’s not. That is, except in case of critical emergency or dire need, please steer clear of Lief’s desk today.” Tomorrow is Tax Day for us and […]