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08 Sep
Taxes For The American Entrepreneur And Investor Overseas

The Challenges Of Tax Filing While Being Abroad

The Oct. 15 deadline looms. That is, any American who filed for an extension is now buckling down to prepare his 2015 tax return… myself included. One related topic that has been generating lots of questions for me lately is foreign disregarded entities. Even professional tax-filers seem to be confused as to how these work. […]

19 Nov
Taking the most beneficial option under IRS regulations isn’t tax evasion. It’s using the rules to minimize your taxes burden.

Tax And Immigration Support For Americans Overseas

At last week’s Offshore Summit in Panama, one theme that came up in many of the presentations was professional competence. The context was everything from immigration professionals for establishing foreign residency and obtaining a second citizenship to tax professionals to help U.S. persons take advantage of the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion and attorneys to set up structures […]