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10 Apr
IRS Tax Deadline Extension Ending Today

IRS Tax Deadline Extension Ends April 18th

Answers To Two Important U.S. Tax Questions It’s tax time again for us Americans. That is, this Tuesday, April 18 (April 15 is a Saturday and April 17 is a holiday in D.C.), is the reporting deadline for those of us who haven’t filed for an extension until October. How many tax dates do we [...]
25 Nov
Taking the most beneficial option under IRS regulations isn’t tax evasion. It’s using the rules to minimize your taxes burden.

Offshore Tax-Filing

A U.S. friend trying to figure out his tax situation after moving overseas recently used the word “tiresome” to explain his position on U.S. taxes offshore. Specifically, he was referring to all the forms he now may or may not need to file. Does he meet the threshold for filing the FBAR and Form 8938? […]

17 Jun
FBAR Filing Requirements

FBAR Filing Requirements

A Humble Suggestion For The IRS If you haven't completed your FBAR form (TD F 90-22.1) for 2012, here's a heads up: The deadline is less than two weeks away. Remember that postmarking the form by June 30 isn't good enough. The Treasury Department must receive the thing by June 30. Completing my FBAR was my weekend project. I'll [...]
12 Jul
Practical Tax And Filing Consequences Of New FATCA Legislation Taking Effect

Practical Tax And Filing Consequences Of New FATCA Legislation

FATCA Is Closing In.. The level of concern among Americans seems to be growing as the FATCA implementation deadline draws closer and more people are becoming more aware of the implications and possible consequences of this absurd legislation. The first consequence has to do with the 30% withholding when wiring funds to a non-U.S. bank [...]