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28 Dec
going offshore priorities

Priorities For Going Offshore In 2016

I have more than a dozen bank accounts outside the United States, most associated with various businesses and investments. I have two accounts for every entity, but few entities have more than two. Why would anyone want or need more than two accounts for a single entity? The de-risking era is answering that question for […]

14 May
FACTA Hearing May 15 In Washington, D.C.

FACTA Hearing May 15 In Washington, D.C.

Team USA--Pissing Off The World's Banks For Nickels And Dimes We've been reporting on the 2010 Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FACTA) requirements since the bill was introduced two years ago. Now, the implications and consequences of what amounts to one of the most arrogant and extra-territorial pieces of legislation in history are beginning to [...]