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Tag: Estate Planning

23 Jun
Colorful street in Pienza, Tuscany, Italy

Why You Should Start Your Estate Planning Process Now

Don't Die Before You've Done This One Thing Years ago, a friend told me about a guy on the conference circuit. This guy did one thing, had one service, and one pitch. Let's call him Bob. Bob told a story about his parents who had been fairly successful but then died young. The wealth his [...]
15 Sep
International insurance policy

Foreign Insurance and Annuities

What You Should Know About Foreign Insurance And Annuities Foreign insurance products (including annuities) appeal to people for a variety of reasons. First, the payout currency could be something other than U.S. dollars. So, if you are looking for a hedge against the dollar, foreign insurance products can be just the right type of insurance for [...]
01 May
How To Plan For Your Estate

How To Plan For Your Estate

A banker friend in Belize who speaks at many of the conferences my wife Kathleen Peddicord’s publishing group sponsors likes to ask the following question as part of his presentations: “What happens to your bank account (in Belize) if you and your banker, and only you and your banker, know about its existence…and you die?” […]