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06 May
Mexico, Colorful buildings and streets of San Miguel de Allende in Zona Centro of historic city center

My #1 Wealth Building Strategy

If you purchase a piece of real estate in another country, should you have the ownership documents issued in your name or, perhaps, in the name of a corporation? If a corporation, should it be a local company (formed in the jurisdiction where you’re purchasing) or one based somewhere else? I get these questions from [...]
22 Apr
View Of The Skyline Of Panama City, Panama, Framed By Tropical Rain Forest.

One Of The Smartest Places To Make An Overseas Property Investment

Panama is no secret anymore. From Forbes to Condé Nast Traveler, Panama is popping up in more and more publications as a place to watch. If you’re a Live And Invest Overseas reader, you know that we go way back with Panama. Kathleen Peddicord and Lief Simon were the first to herald this country’s lifestyle and investment potential [...]
02 May
Girona colorful houses district, bridge, and Saint Mary Cathedral, buildings reflected in water in river Onyar. Catalonia Spain.

How Exchange Rates Affect Overseas Property Investments

Dollar-euro parity? We’re closing in. As I write, US$1 equates to 1.06 euro. The U.S. dollar holder has noteworthy buying power in other parts of the world right now, too… Including in Colombia and Brazil, for example… two markets you should be paying attention to in particular if you’re shopping the globe for your next […]

07 Dec
Paper house model cover by a mask isolated on blue background.

The Truth About The Property Market During Covid-19

A seasoned investor with lots of experience in the United States went looking for property in Costa Rica, where he made dozens of research trips over four years and never bought a property. He then turned his attention to the Dominican Republic at a time where you could have bought any property in that country and […]