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21 Jan
Offshore Banking In Belize

Is Offshore Banking In Belize Still A Safe Strategy?

Kathleen and I flew from Panama to Belize City Tuesday morning for this week’s Live and Invest in Belize Conference. Passing through the airport, we picked up a copy of the local paper. Big topic in the press and on everybody’s mind in this country is banking. Belize is being beaten up and knocked around […]

02 Nov
Offshore Banking Jurisdictions

Which Offshore Banking Jurisdiction Is Right For You?

Belize is indeed a small offshore banking jurisdiction. It has five international banks. In the past several months, every one of them has lost its correspondent bank. A correspondent bank is the connection between a small bank and the rest of the banking world. Without a correspondent bank, a small retail bank can’t accept incoming […]

06 Oct
How To Diversify Your Financial Life Offshore

How To Diversify Your Financial Life Offshore

What would an ideally globally diversified financial life look like? I could imagine as many answers to that question as people asking it. However, I’d also identify key common denominators that should be part of any global diversification strategy. If you’re just getting started at this, here’s the most important thing to understand: This doesn’t […]

27 Mar
Banking And Asset Protection Structures In Belize

Banking And Asset Protection Structures In Belize

The small country of Belize nestled on the Caribbean coast of Mesoamerica doesn’t really fit in. Belizeans speak English, so they aren’t part of the Central American region culturally, and, as the country itself is tucked below Mexico on the Yucatan peninsula, Belize is not really part of Central America geographically either. European settlement in […]

24 Mar
Lief Simon

How To Choose An Offshore Bank

At last week’s Live and Invest in Belize Conference, I was able to catch up with Belize contacts and friends. I learned two specific things from my discussions and meetings that I think are worth passing along. The first is that Belize now requires all IBCs to confirm to their registered agents that they are […]

20 Mar
Lief Simon

Belize Remains A Top Offshore, Tax, And Banking Haven

He’s asked Kathleen Peddicord, therefore, to fill in for him today… My first trip to Belize, coming up on 30 years ago, was organized courtesy of the Belize Tourism Authority. I was a starting-out travel writer; the BTA was looking for press. This was well pre-“Survivor,” pre-“Temptation Island.” The only people who knew this tiny […]