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23 Jun
Colorful street in Pienza, Tuscany, Italy

Why You Should Start Your Estate Planning Process Now

Don't Die Before You've Done This One Thing Years ago, a friend told me about a guy on the conference circuit. This guy did one thing, had one service, and one pitch. Let's call him Bob. Bob told a story about his parents who had been fairly successful but then died young. The wealth his [...]
04 May
Flags from all around the world behind a box showing the 5 flag diversification theory

The Flag Theory Of Diversification Made Easy

Understanding The Flag Theory and 5 Flags Approach In the face of the kinds of market, economic, and political uncertainties the world is currently presenting, the key to protecting yourself, your family, and your assets is diversification, and the only way to truly diversify yourself is through planting flags. There are five basic things we [...]
16 Sep
Old rural cottage in the mountains

Planting Flags Offshore Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint

In 2005, Kathleen and I planted a flag in Croatia. We bought an old stone farmhouse that needed complete renovation. The plan was to renovate it and then turn the property into a short-term rental that we could use ourselves for vacations. Sixteen years later, that’s still the plan, and we are this month, finally, […]

15 Sep
An asset portfolio with graphs of each set of asset structures.

Structuring Assets

What Is The Best Way To Structure Assets? So often people write us to discuss trusts, corporations, family limited partnerships, and/or other structures designed to protect his or her wealth. Structures are very important, but structures alone cannot do the job in a one-size-fits-all approach to asset protection. While an international trust may be just [...]
15 Sep
Going offshore surrounded by a map, euros, and a passport.

Going Offshore

So You're Thinking About Going Offshore? Going offshore has in recent years become a more mainstream idea. If you had asked people about going offshore as recently as the 90s they might have thought you to be a criminal, drug lord, or tax dodger. These days the offshore world is far from a foreign idea. It has become [...]
15 Sep
A piggy bank inside of a briefcase with the words Asset Protection on front.

Asset Protection

What You Need To Know About Asset Protection Today It is important to know what  international asset protection is and what it is not. A properly constructed asset protection plan places a portion of your net worth behind multiple barriers…the more barriers, the greater the protection. It allows you to level the litigation playing field and [...]
27 Jan
Onshore LLCs versus Offshore LLCs

An LLC Versus A Corporation For Asset Protection

A reader wrote in over the weekend to enlighten me on the costs of LLCs. Specifically, he wanted to let me know that setting up an LLC in New Mexico is much cheaper than the range of costs I referenced for setting up LLCs in the offshore jurisdictions I wrote about recently. I’m afraid this […]

13 Jan
20 Questions: Buying Property Overseas

20 Questions: Buying Property Overseas

Real estate has always made sense to me as an asset allocation, but I’m more persuaded today than ever that foreign property should be part of every investment portfolio. You can’t watch everything going on in the United States right now and not be persuaded that holding real assets in the form of real estate […]