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Property Investment Markets To Look At For 2016

28 Jan
View of a city property

Property Investment Markets To Look At For 2016

Start Your Property Investment Portfolio With Just US$1,000 Down And US$500 Per Month

I’ve just finalized the schedule for my Global Property Summit taking place March 14–16 in Panama City. I’ve targeted 19 specific markets of focus. These are the places you should be looking at for investment right now, the world’s top property investment options for 2016.

In each of these markets, I’ve identified specific current opportunities, and, with the help of colleagues on the ground in each location, I’ll present these in detail to all assembled in the room with me in Panama in March.

The program I’ve put together includes markets emerging from crisis, markets with fast-growing middle classes, and markets where key infrastructure improvements create opportunities to position yourself in the path of progress.

As well, I’ll be presenting opportunities to take advantage of the roaring greenback, chances to own at a discount in the world’s best markets for yield, and recommendations for land banking.

In addition, agriculture will be a focus. I’ve spent the past three years scouting and developing turnkey opportunities for the individual investor to take a position to profit from the growing global demand for food, as well as the exploding demand in the United States and beyond for organic produce.

Some of these offers come with payment terms. One can be made with a down payment of US$1,000 (and payments thereafter of just US$500 monthly).

Some of these offers will be made available to those in the room only. These are special conference-only opportunities (in one case to invest for a projected return of as much as 17% per year).

Colleagues, professionals, and friends will be flying into Panama from Argentina, Brazil, Turkey, Belize, Colombia, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and the UK to join me on stage.

If you haven’t reserved your place in the room with us yet, I urge you to do so right now. I’m even more excited about the program I’ve been able to finalize than I expected to be. This is a one-of-a-kind chance to access the world’s top property investment opportunities all at one time and in one place.

I look forward to meeting you in Panama in March.

Lief Simon


“Lief, I guess you’ve noticed the coverage in the press about the Zika virus. It is truly remarkable how few of these articles the last few days put the threat in any real perspective. This is not something that warrants airlines to offer refunds and people to cancel trips, and the coverage this is getting is going to do just that.

“Same thing with the murder of the young television producer in Belize a couple weeks ago. I would be willing to bet that more people are murdered in Nashville every year than they are in Belize, yet one doesn’t hear people talk about cancelling their bachelorette parties because of it.”


Right. As far as I understand, the Zika virus isn’t anymore problematic than malaria, dengue, or West Nile virus except for pregnant ladies and their unborn fetuses.

Belize does have a relatively high murder rate per capita, but the rate of tourists killed is low. Belizeans kill each other. When I was in the country last week, I noticed a piece in the local paper about the number of murders in Belize in 2016 so far. It was 10 as of Jan. 19… 4 of those, including the American lady, the weekend I arrived. The other three included one of two friends who got into an argument in a local bar. One friend had a machete… the other had a knife. The guy with the machete lost that fight.

My point is that most of the murders in Belize are personal. Attacks on tourists and strangers are rare.