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Bargain Beachfront Property On Brazil’s Fortaleza Coast

15 Feb
Bargain Beachfront Property On Brazil's Fortaleza Coast

Bargain Beachfront Property On Brazil’s Fortaleza Coast

Best Beachfront Buy In The World Right Now—5 Lots Remain Available

Brazil’s northeastern coast has had my attention for some time. Today, this sandy stretch is dead center on my radar.

I believe that available here right now is the greatest beachfront opportunity of my career.

The developer of the property where I purchased a beachfront lot in 2016 has contacted me this week to let me know that 5 lots remain available at the Phase 1 price of just US$59,000.

This is a crazy-affordable price for beachfront property.

In addition, Live and Invest Overseas readers are eligible for an exclusive US$10,000 discount that brings that price down to US$49,000… for a limited time. I’ll explain that discount more in a minute.

First I want to point out that these are large lots compared with other beachfront projects in Brazil… as much as three times larger. The price works out to US$35 per square meter, making these the least expensive quality beachfront lots you’ll find anywhere in Brazil… maybe anywhere in the world.

Top-Tier Location Means Three Options For Investment Returns

The development is located on Retirinho Beach in the state of Ceará in the northeast of the country. It’s just 15 minutes from Canoa Quebrada, one of Brazil’s major tourist destinations, known for its beach resorts, world-class restaurants, and vibrant nightlife.

That means you have three viable options for your investment. You could…

  • Sit on the lot and wait for it to appreciate in value (which will be as soon, as the developer is preparing for the launch of Phase 2)…
  • Build a house and own an inexpensive vacation or retirement home…
  • Build a house and rent it out for cash flow…

This location works for all three.

Furthermore, any Phase 1 lots remaining unsold when Phase 2 launches in March will see a significant price increase. Phase 2 lots will sell for US$65 per square meter—rather than our current US$35-per-meter price—and the lots will be smaller…

Essentially, Phase 2 buyers will be paying the same price as you can pay today for a larger lot in Phase 1.

For these final 5 lots remaining in Phase 1, prices start at US$59,000, but, as I mentioned above, you have an option to pay less. Buy with cash and you’ll get a US$10,000 discount… bringing the cost down to US$49,000.

That means you can get in on the lowest original price from two years ago.

Compounding the property appreciation over those years has been the currency exchange rate. The U.S. dollar has recently depreciated in value against Brazil’s currency, adding to the value of this exclusive discount.

If you don’t have the liquid assets for a full payment, you can still participate. The developer is offering an option for financing. You could finance your purchase with 25% down and pay the balance at 0% interest over 30 months.

Both of these offers are exclusive to Live and Invest Overseas readers, and, again, only five of these lots remain available.

I qualify this as the best beachfront bargain in the world today, and I urge you to see if it makes sense for your own property portfolio.

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Lief Simon