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29 May
Can you reduce tax burden overseas?

An American Retiree Moving Overseas Likely Won’t Reduce His Tax Burden

A friend told me this week that his parents are looking to move overseas for their retirement to save taxes. He recognizes but hasn’t been able to help them understand that that isn’t a realistic objective given their circumstances. My friend’s parents are retired government workers receiving government pensions. Pension income is not eligible for […]

24 Jun

Investing In Vineyard Production In Valle De Uco, Mendoza, Argentina

A Favorite Yield-Generating Hard Asset One theme at the Wealth Retreat I hosted in Panama last week was yield-generating hard assets—specifically, rental properties, condo hotels, and agricultural land. Argentine developer and economist Steve Rosberg, one of the speakers participating in last week's program, focuses his business on hard assets. Specifically, Steve has undertaken dozens of [...]
06 May
Tax And Estate Planning For The Middle-Class Millionaire

Tax And Estate Planning For The Middle-Class Millionaire

Addressing The Plight Of The Middle-Class Millionaire A friend in the tax business told me today about a law firm he knows that targets clients with net worths of US$100 million or more, the ultra-high-end of the wealth management market. That's a market with fewer than 3,000 potential clients in the United States. Still, the [...]