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Tag: Real Estate In Panama City

21 Dec
invest in overseas property

Where To Invest In Overseas Property For 2016

In Panama this year, we purchased the building that houses our Live and Invest Overseas business and staff. This made sense not only because we’ll be our own tenant but also and more so because commercial and office space in Panama City are the best investment sectors in this market right now. This purchase diversifies […]

16 Apr
panama skyline

Taking The Pulse Of Panama City’s Property Market

Panama City must be hiding some real estate bargains, a colleague in town for this week’s Live and Invest in Panama Conference suggested over lunch yesterday. When I asked how he came to that conclusion, his response was one I’ve heard many times, not only for Panama City but for other cities with lots of […]

27 Feb
Learn How To Manage A Rental Investment Property In Panama City

How To Manage A Rental Investment Property In Panama City

The tenant in a rental apartment I have in Panama City called this morning to give notice. She’s moving out. She’s been renting the apartment for more than five years, paying the rent on time and causing no hassles, so I’ll be sorry as a landlord to see her go. On the other hand, this […]