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15 Sep
Paperwork for a trust and last will and testament on a desk.

Offshore Trust

How Trusts Can Help You Protect Your Assets Trusts are integrated frequently in international asset protection and estate planning for a variety of reasons. The main reason is that, once you have transferred an asset to a trust, it is simply no longer yours. If it is no longer yours, then future creditors, plaintiffs, even [...]

Key Offshore Topics

Offshore 101: Getting Educated About The Offshore World Going Offshore. Going offshore has in recent years become a more mainstream idea. Back in the 90s going offshore was thought to be only for criminals, drug lords, or tax dodgers. These days the offshore world is far from a foreign idea. What is FATCA? The Foreign Asset Tax Compliance [...]
29 Oct
Best Jurisdictions For Offshore Companies

Best Jurisdictions For Offshore Companies

Dozens of jurisdictions offer offshore corporations, LLCs, trusts, and foundations, but every offshore attorney has his go-to choices. My Belize attorney prefers St. Lucia because a St. Lucia structure can help to mitigate tax liability when doing business in Belize. One U.S. attorney I know works mostly with Belize entities; another likes Nevis. How should […]