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15 Sep
A man showing the top tax havens on a map.

Tax Havens

The World’s Top 10 Tax Havens Today To the growing chagrin of the U.S. IRS, it is still possible for an American to take his life, his assets, his business, and his investments offshore and thereby reduce or even eliminate his U.S. tax bill completely and to do it all legally. The places where this [...]
15 Sep
An asset portfolio with graphs of each set of asset structures.

Structuring Assets

What Is The Best Way To Structure Assets? So often people write us to discuss trusts, corporations, family limited partnerships, and/or other structures designed to protect his or her wealth. Structures are very important, but structures alone cannot do the job in a one-size-fits-all approach to asset protection. While an international trust may be just [...]
15 Sep
A gavel and justice scale signifying compliance with the law.

Staying Compliant

How To Stay Compliant In A World Of Increasing Regulation In today’s age of heavy handed regulation and seemingly endless paperwork to file, staying compliant is harder than it has ever been. The question you must answer is, an American living, investing, or doing business outside the United States, what is your U.S. tax obligation? The [...]
15 Sep
Two passports laying on top of a map.

Second Passport

Why You Should Obtain A Second Passport Holding a second passport can be a very useful, convenient thing for the global citizen. It can alleviate potential safety issues for an American passport-holder. It can also mean greater ease of travel, a ready option for alternative residency, and the right to work in the country where [...]
15 Sep
Paperwork for a trust and last will and testament on a desk.

Offshore Trust

How Trusts Can Help You Protect Your Assets Trusts are integrated frequently in international asset protection and estate planning for a variety of reasons. The main reason is that, once you have transferred an asset to a trust, it is simply no longer yours. If it is no longer yours, then future creditors, plaintiffs, even [...]
15 Sep
A new start-up company.

Offshore Company

Why Start An Offshore Company? Companies can be created anywhere and can generally do business anywhere, so why would someone want to create a company outside the United States? Well, lots of reasons. In some countries, only a domestic company can own property or engage in certain types of business. In other countries, you can [...]
15 Sep
A couple trying to open an offshore bank account.

Offshore Banking

How And Where To Open An Offshore Bank Account The best first step you can take to internationalizing your life (one that we strongly recommend you make a plan to take as soon as possible, if you haven’t done so already) is to open an offshore bank account. It’s a simple, straightforward recommendation. However, if [...]
15 Sep
A grandfather walking with his granddaughter.

Legacy Planning

Planning Your Legacy And Protecting Future Generations The idea of legacy planning isn’t new. Families from the Rothschilds to the Duponts and the Kennedys have done it for a long time, and some European families have created plans that have maintained family wealth for centuries. The idea that those of us with less substantial assets might [...]
15 Sep
A financial investment newspaper and calculator.

Investing Offshore

Why In The World Should You Invest Offshore? Diversification through investing offshore can reduce your portfolio volatility while maintaining returns. In addition to providing portfolio diversification, offshore investments provide a high degree of choice and flexibility. A large percentage of the over 80,000 funds traded worldwide are located offshore. Investing in these funds must often be [...]
15 Sep
A large property with a home on it.

International Real Estate

International Real Estate As An Investment A piece of real estate anywhere in the world is a real asset that you control and that, barring some act of God, can’t disappear altogether. Further, buy right, and your property investment can grow in value and deliver reliable cash flow. Certainly, if you’ve bought right, with an eye [...]