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Tag: Dual Nationality

20 Apr
investing in paraguay

The Travel And Visa Benefits Of A Second Passport

Americans can enter Paraguay via the Silvio Pettirossi International Airport in Asunción without having a visa in advance. Enter the country by road or boat, and you have to obtain your visa before you travel. It’s not a big deal getting the visa at the airport, but it slows you down and costs US$160. It’s […]

09 Feb
The Benefits Of A Second Passport can be many

Jus Solis Citizenship In The United States

When we were living in Ireland, that country still offered jus solis (right of the soil) citizenship. It was the last Western European country to do so. If you were born in Ireland, you were automatically a citizen. That’s how our son Jackson got his Irish citizenship… by being born on the island. One perk […]

05 Jun
Lief Simon

Options For Obtaining Second Citizenship And A Second Passport Through Residency

The super-rich have a growing number of options for obtaining second passports through economic citizenship. These programs are most attractive to the wealthy from countries whose passports don’t allow for much visa-free travel—Russia, China, and the countries of the Middle East, for example. Spending anywhere from US$100,000 to more than US$2 million depending on the […]