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09 Feb
the manana attitude and expectations overseas

Managing Your Expectations When Doing Business Overseas

Your Only Defense In The Developing World A talk show host in the U.K. has Julio Iglesias on as a guest. He starts talking to him about the Spanish language... They come around to the word mañana, and the host asks Julio what, exactly, it means to a Spanish speaker. Julio responds to explain that, [...]
22 Aug
You Could Be Living Tax Free as a consultant overseas

As A Consultant Overseas You Could Be Living Tax-Free

This friend is not American, so he doesn’t have to worry about the Uncle Sam factor. That helps immensely. My friend needs to consider only the tax implications in each potential new country of residence. While taxes shouldn’t lead any conversation about where to move overseas, this is a more important factor if you’re moving […]

26 Nov
Spending Thanksgiving Outside The U.S.

Spending Thanksgiving Outside The U.S.

To realize your American Dream, take your skillset and go in search of opportunity. If your agenda is that of a general entrepreneur, the world is wide open. If you have specific training or experience that you want to continue using, almost any developing market could accommodate. No need to reinvent the wheel. Like the […]

10 Aug
Diversification Strategy: Planting Five Flags

The Diversification Strategy Of Planting Five Flags

I’m reviewing and clarifying my ideas related to the Five Flags theory of diversification in preparation for my opening remarks at the Wealth Summit I’m hosting in Panama in October. If you’re new to the idea, the Five Flags are to do with residency, citizenship, banking, assets, and business. Not everyone needs all five flags […]

14 Aug
A metro station under maintenance

The Risks Involved With Using Workarounds Overseas

Throughout the years, I’ve had people tell me I’ve been wrong when I’ve suggested to them that certain things couldn’t be done. They’ve insisted I was wrong because, they’ve assured me, they had been able to do whatever it was I was saying couldn’t be done. They’d done it themselves, no problem. Recently, for example, […]

26 Apr
Cultural Challenges Doing Business Overseas

Cultural Challenges Doing Business Overseas

"Why Would I Do That?" An Irish reader was incensed by my Monday letter. He took offense specifically to my comment suggesting that the Irish electrician who didn't show up until weeks after the appointment he'd set only showed up after he'd run out of pub money. My new Irish friend didn't take the position that [...]