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29 Dec
Panoramica Centro De Medellin

U.S. Dollar At Five-Year High Against The Colombian Peso, Creating A Window Of Opportunity For Property Investors

Right now is the time to act on a property investment in Medellin, Colombia, if you’ve been considering taking a position in this market. The Colombian peso has moved from 1,850 to US$1 in July to 2,300 to US$1 today. That’s a 25% gain for U.S. dollar holders in six months, creating a buying opportunity […]

20 Aug
Timing Currency Exchange For Property Purchase In Colombia

Timing Currency Exchange For Property Purchase In Colombia

Buy Colombia Now I don't try to time currency fluctuations, but, last week, my banker in Colombia e-mailed to tell me the Colombian government announced they would purchase US$300 million over the next few weeks. She thought, therefore, it might be a good time to transfer some money down there if I need to. Indeed, [...]