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31 Mar
A view of Panama City, Panmaa on a sunny afternoon

The World’s Top Offshore Haven And Our Preferred Jurisdiction

The need for a Plan B has never been greater. The question is… where? How should you choose where’s best for you to diversify your life, your assets, and your investments offshore? Factors to look at for any jurisdiction you’re considering include: Approach to taxation and tax rates Incorporation laws Privacy laws The stability of […]

22 Feb
behind panama economy, a view form cerro ancon, the city lanscape and the sea

What’s Really Behind Panama’s Booming Economy?

What's Fueling This Boom? (And, No, It's Not Too Late For You To Get In) The economy of the country where you decide to relocate is important... because a healthy economy means money flowing through the place. It also helps to support a safe and stable climate generally. Panama has the most robust economy in [...]
13 Feb
Learn How To Manage A Rental Investment Property In Panama City

Why I Don’t Recommend Any Of The 78 Banks In Panama

“What bank do you recommend in Panama?” That’s one of the most frequently asked questions I receive. I get it at least a couple of times a week… The honest answer? None. Panama currently has 78 banks. Of those, 29 have international licenses; 49, including the 2 government banks, have general licenses. I’ve dealt personally […]

06 Jul
Currency Diversification Into Chinese Yuan

Currency Diversification Into Chinese Yuan

Five years ago, a friend recommended that I open an account with the Bank of China in New York. A Bank of China account is an easy way to hold yuan directly, something that, as my friend suggested to me years ago, every global investor should think about doing. Finally, in New York City with […]

24 Dec
Trying To Qualify For Bank Financing As A Foreigner In Panama

Trying To Qualify For Bank Financing As A Foreigner In Panama

Mortgage Madness In Panama Last week, before leaving Panama for Christmas in the United States, I met with a third bank in an effort to secure a mortgage for an apartment purchase in the city. The front line banker was courteous and wanted to be helpful, but, as I've learned over the past couple of [...]
05 Jul
Unibank No Longer Accepts Foreign Accounts

Unibank No Longer Accepts Foreign Accounts

I remind you often that you should take action to set up a flag offshore as soon as an opportunity that interests you to do so presents itself. Wait…and the rules can change, meaning the opportunity can disappear. In today’s offshore arena, the only constant is that everything–policies, requirements, restrictions, etc., to do with banking, […]