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Dear Concerned Investor,You can’t deny it; the news is bad. Our country is in a serious financial bind.

Over the past 10 years, the dollar has been on a downward spiral, and the current program of Quantitative Easing guarantees that it will continue.

Unemployment is still high and may never again reach pre-recession levels…

We’ve already had one tax hike in 2013, and you can bet that more will follow in the coming months…

Yet the country is falling deeper into debt. And you know who’s going to have to foot the bill.

In our un-backed monetary system, money is just an “idea,” a digital concept that can evaporate as easily as it’s created.

Finances aside, our freedoms in the United States are being eroded at an alarming rate. Our e-mails are monitored for special keywords, our phone calls are scanned, and we’re on-camera virtually all the time.

And if these scans predict that we are likely to commit a crime, we can be held without charges…for years.

What’s more, thanks to aggressive lawyers and sympathetic juries, our assets are at greater risk than ever before in our history. The number of frivolous lawsuits is climbing, and every day another American loses their hard-earned savings or retirement to an angry spouse, an unhappy business partner, or some oaf who tripped on their sidewalk.

Your finances…your freedom…your assets…they are all at risk. These are the facts, and there’s no denying they’re daunting.

But do you know the biggest tragedy in the United States right now?

It’s how the average American is handling this evolving situation.

Most people are oblivious to the rapid rate of change, and they’re doing nothing. The average American right now is standing on the sidelines.
He’s been let down by the government…his real wealth is not going in the direction he’d like…and he’s worried about how in the world he’s going to get by in the future.

He knows he’s not alone, and somehow this sense of camaraderie makes some people feel better. Dangerously, people are comforted by the feeling that “We’re all in this together…let’s just put our heads down and get by…things will pick up again…”
Many feel powerless.

And, in fact, as long as we remain in “the system” and talk ourselves into being satisfied with the status quo, we are powerless.

Let’s face it. There’s no one to put the economy back on its feet. Surely not the governments that got us here in the first place.

This time, we need to help ourselves.

Make No Mistake You Have A Solution
In The Near Term

I’m writing today to tell you that there is a way out…a way to protect your wealth, guarantee your freedom, and guard your assets.

I’ve done it. And most of my friends and associates have done it, too. And the very good news is that this opportunity is available to anyone.
Before I get into the details, I must warn you that this plan I’m talking about has a limited window.

The U.S. congress has passed legislation–unknown to most Americans–that will make this strategy difficult-to-impossible to execute by the end of this year, 2013.

After that time, the trap that most folks think they are caught in right now will very likely be real.

We’ll talk more about this legislation later. For now, remember this legislative deadline.

You are just two steps away from
a more secure future…

The good news is that the solution I’m talking about is highly practical. You can set yourself on this path quickly and easily…once you have the right information and the right help…

All you need to do is to take two key steps…

STEP 1: Become The Keeper Of Your Own Future

Not enough people realize this, but this is the key to establishing a secure financial future for you and your family.

This sounds like a simple change of mindset, but it’s not. We are all used to a lifetime of believing that the government is there to help, that no matter what happens, they’ll be there as a safety net.

In the 21st century, those days are over.

I can’t say it loudly enough: You are the one in the driver’s seat. You have the power to make the decisions that will shape your future, and that of your family.

And yes, it’s work. Managing your own destiny is harder than leaving it to others, but, when you recognize the consequences of not taking control of your own future, it’s a no-brainer. You’ve got to act. And you’ve got to act now.
This first critical step is really a personal commitment to yourself–a promise that you will take full responsibility for your own life.

I realize this can be a scary prospect. Some folks are so overwhelmed by this idea that they would rather leave things be.

“Thank You”

Thank you Lief for a most wonderful Letter. With your guidance, I am about to embark on my own voyage…”

Bill N., Unites States

But if you, like me, want to do everything within your power to make a better life for yourself and your family — now and in the future — then you need to step up and find the confidence that you can get your arms around all of this and start shaping a more secure future.

Still with me? Then let’s move to the next step…

STEP 2: Diversify Yourself Globally

In today’s world, nobody can afford to be dependent on any one economy…on any one government…or on any one currency.

The way to protect yourself is to diversify outside your home country’s borders. The reality of the world we’re living in is that this is the only effective strategy available to you…to me…to all of us.

It’s a simple insight. We all know about diversity when it comes to stocks and bonds. Yet few people realize the fundamental importance of taking this basic concept to the next level.

I’ve been in the room with educated, experienced investors, who’ve bragged of their diversified portfolios. They hold stocks, bonds, real estate…

But once I’ve probed a little deeper, I’ve often found that their portfolios all share one problem. All are “diversified” in U.S. dollars…their investments are all domiciled in the United States…and they’re all at the mercy of anyone’s lawsuit filed under the U.S. legal system, including suits after their retirement funds.

What happens to these “diversified” investors if the dollar radically declines in value?

What if an angry litigant attacks your assets with a frivolous lawsuit?

What happens if they bail out Social Security using your private pension funds, as has happened in several countries around the world?

These are all frightening but not too far-fetched scenarios. The very good news is that the effect of any or of all of this can be minimal for you…if you are diversified among several different countries.

Granted, this takes some planning. And it’s different for everybody.

But a truly diversified portfolio and lifestyle are achievable–and enjoyable–once you’re armed with the right information and connected with the right people to help you sift through the options.

How To Spread Yourself Internationally? It’s Easier Than You Might Think

Of the two steps above, the first one is up to you.

The Simon Letter:
“A Great Tool”

“I very much enjoy your Letter.

I hope to make the transition to an overseas haven one of these days, and I find your information a great tool.”

Jeff P., United States

But once you commit to taking charge of your own future, the rewards will come quick, and they’ll be big and long lasting…for you, your family, and for your heirs.

For the second step–figuring out the best ways to diversify yourself–you’ll need help.

Problem is, right now, nobody out there is telling you how to do this yourself.

Even those who appreciate the value and the benefits of a truly diversified and global perspective can’t show you how–as a small, private investor–to take best advantage of the many, many global options available to you.

This is where I come in. I’m Lief Simon.I’ve been taking this approach–to business, to investing, and to life in general–and showing others how to, as well, for more than 20 years. I left the States at the early age of 24 and headed, first, to Chad (I was working for an oil drilling outfit at the time). In the years since, I’ve lived and worked in seven countries, from Chad to Argentina, from Kazakhstan to Nicaragua, and from Ireland and France to Panama, where I’m currently based.

Over the nearly two decades that I have been living overseas, I’ve been actively investing and doing business. I’ve launched and managed business ventures in 10 countries, including local businesses, web-based businesses, and international franchises. Real estate has also been a focus. I’ve managed multi-million-dollar developments, multi-million-dollar property portfolios, and more than two dozen rental properties, and I’ve bought and sold real estate in 19 countries.

I’ve made a considerable amount of money. And, yes, I’ve lost money, too. But I’ve learned from every experience, and, at this point, nearly two decades into my global investing career, I have more of a track record at this than any other private investor you’re likely to meet.

Real estate and business have been my focus because these are assets you can control yourself. And when managed successfully, these are assets that produce cash…ongoing yields in addition to any appreciation over time.

I Had To Learn These Tricks By Myself Over 20 Years…
But You’ll Benefit Right Away

When I left the States, the first thing I realized was that my old U.S.-based advisors weren’t going to be able to help me anymore. My U.S. attorney, U.S. accountant, and U.S. investment advisor were, frankly, clueless about the international scene.

The only one I could count on was me. I had to take control of my own business and investment agendas. Today, I can show you how to take command of your own ship, too.

Way back when I first moved overseas and started investing and doing business, I didn’t have any idea how to structure my holdings and business interests, so that I’d be able to keep as much of my earnings as possible.

But I figured it out, over time, step by step. What I learned along the way is that the good options for living and investing, as well as conserving wealth overseas…are endless. Now, I’m ready to help you fast-track your own plan for diversification.

Fortunately, I like numbers. I’m a financial planner and an accountant by trade. Thus, along with business and real estate opportunities, my third focus as a global investor has been tax planning, which, I discovered early on, can be every bit as important as the investment choices you make.

Cutting your annual tax burden goes a long way toward growing your net worth. It’s no coincidence that some of the world’s greatest fortunes were amassed in the United States before the country imposed a federal income tax.

As an American–especially as an American abroad–your tax situation can be complicated. But it can also be managed to your advantage.

I’ve cut my tax burden by over 50% through international diversification…without breaking the law. And I can show you how to do it, too. At this point, I think it’s fair to say that I know more about global tax planning–for the American investor and expat–than anyone else you’ll find.

“Exactly What We Need”

“Way to go Lief. Your type of answers and information are exactly what we need.
The last Letter was really great…Keep up the good work.”

— Ron F., United States

Five years into my adventures overseas, I got married. Then I was planning and strategizing not only for my own financial future, but also for that of my family. Along the way, my wife and kids have laughed at my obsession with numbers. But, I remind them, someone needs to pay attention to this stuff.

I’m the one who figures out where and how to hold our assets, where to keep bank accounts (both business and personal), where to incorporate our businesses, where and how to apply for residency, how to structure the ownership of every asset we invest in, jurisdiction by jurisdiction, and so on.

I have opened accounts with banks in more than two-dozen countries. I’ve established residency for myself and my family in three. My son, born in Ireland, is a dual national by birth. My wife and I acquired our second passports the hard way–by applying for them–eight years ago.

I currently call Panama City home, but I’m on the road at least 50% of the time exploring new opportunities and new options. At this point, I’ve traveled to 65 countries.

It’s a lot of work. But I’m not worried about my assets, my investments, or my family’s future; I gave up wasting my time on those concerns long ago.

Today, my big concern is how to discover new opportunities, how to grow our portfolios, and where to branch into new markets.

Here’s How You Can Capitalize on the Knowledge
I Spent 20 Years Mastering

I’ve recognized for a long time where the U.S. economy’s been headed…and I’ve been implementing diversification strategies to protect against the troubles to come for many years.

“Affordable Price”

“I have just finished reading the January Simon Letter. Thank you for working on this new product and making it available for an affordable price.”
Dorothy R., United States

But I only recently realized that what I’ve been doing all this time is something special and valuable. Something that only a handful of others have had the opportunity to figure out.

Given the direction the world continues to head, the need for this kind of information, guidance, and expertise is much greater than it’s ever been before.

That’s why I created the Simon Letter, a monthly membership service dedicated to the world of offshore opportunity.

As the editor, my aim is to help you figure out your own path to international diversification.

The information you get is straight-up. Those who know me know that I don’t mince words, spare feelings, or suffer fools lightly. I tell it like it is.

I’ll give you the intelligence and the judgment you need to make your own determinations. My aim is to help you take control of your life and your future as I’ve taken control of mine…to give you options.

You’re a grown-up. You’ll decide what’s right for you. But I’ll do everything I can to make sure you have what you need to make that possible.

Before I give you a sneak preview of what you can expect from my new private membership service, I’d like to make a few important points…

First, Lief Simon is my real name. Nothing that you will read about in the Simon Letter involves shady dealings. I’ve never done anything to break U.S. law — or the law of any other jurisdiction either, as far as I know.

As much as I love spending time overseas, I like to be able to return to the United States to visit friends and family. My aim is to expand my options, never to cut any off. And, if you follow my lead, you’ll be able to come and go as you please, as well.

Second, yes, this stuff takes some figuring out…but it’s not as complicated as many in the business like to make out. The biggest challenge you’ll find is that the targets are always moving…but with the right information, you can stay on top.

Over the last 20 years living and doing business around the world, I’ve built a network of reliable and expert contacts I trust — attorneys, bankers, tax consultants, and other advisors, both Stateside and in the jurisdictions where I spend time and money. These are the people who keep me up-to-date on important changes…as they happen. I know of no other reliable source where this kind of from-the-scene intelligence from the world’s top offshore havens is shared in real time by someone with real world, firsthand experience at all this. The Simon Letter fills this gap.

Third, you don’t have to be wealthy to take up the idea of diversifying offshore. Five hundred bucks in a bank account and a US$50 residency application is enough to get your foot in the door and open countless opportunities for diversification.

There are different levels to this game. Only you know what makes sense for your circumstances and what’s within your comfort zone.

And your initial strategy might be as simple as opening a bank account in another country–something I can show you how to do from home. This one simple step can give you sovereign banking diversification, perhaps currency diversification…and possibly even open the door to a second residency.

From there you can easily move on to diversify into real estate, precious metals, forming an offshore corporation, moving overseas, even acquiring a second citizenship, as I have.

The Practical Info We Need

“I have subscribed to many newsletters that fall short of the practical information that I need. The Simon Letter is everything promised and much more. I do not want to miss even one issue.”

-Rebecca J. United States

Reserve My Place!
Here’s what you can expect from my new Simon Letter global intelligence service…

What can you expect to find in your Simon Letter dispatches?

Specifically, I’ll be covering topics like:

  • Why an offshore bank account is a basic requirement…and places you should think about opening an account today. I’ll introduce you to the world’s current top banking havens, comparing the advantages and the disadvantages of each, so that you can decide which jurisdiction is best for you…
  • The lowdown on asset protection…how to develop a defensive strategy to suit your situation. The good news is that you do have good options for protecting your hard-earned money. I’ll walk you through them, again comparing and contrasting the benefits, the costs, and the best applications in each case…
  • What a second citizenship can do for you…and where and how you might consider acquiring one. The advantages are many, from very practical (avoiding certain visa requirements when traveling, for example) to the certainty of a safe haven in a potential time of need…

“Well Done!”

“I just received my first issue of your Simon Letter and I must say well done! I read it straight through, twice. The articles were thought-provoking and disturbing. Congratulations on a great publication.”
Bill S., United States

  • The two types of investment that the IRS cares nothing about…In other words, where you can put your money and legally not have to report it when you file your taxes stateside. This situation could change with new U.S. legislation. Through my Simon Letter service, I’ll keep you apprised…
  • The problem with paper money…and ways to invest outside paper currency (gold and silver are two top choices, of course)…
  • Where in the world it still makes sense to buy property as an investment…Thinking both short- and long-term, there are still a number of very good options, both for capital gain and income…
  • Actual real estate opportunities you can act upon right now…I’m particularly interested in productive land and other agricultural investments these days and see agri-investing as the smartest play an investor can make for the coming decade…I’ll explain more about why in coming issues…
  • Financial structures that will make it impossible for anyone in the world to touch your assets…again, all 100% legal…
  • The big tax issues when investing, living, and doing business offshore… including issues such as the foreign-earned income exclusion, domicile versus residence for tax purposes, taking advantage of low-tax and zero-tax jurisdictions, and much more…

For the American spending time and money overseas, this information is invaluable. And I can tell you from over two decades of personal experience, you aren’t going to find any conventional U.S. tax advisor who’ll be able to guide you effectively. You have many, many good (and legal) options for mitigating your tax burden when you begin diversifying your time and your assets globally. I’ll show them to you…

  • How to determine the best way to take ownership of an asset…In a trust, in a corporation, in your personal name, in your spouse’s name… What’s the most private, most tax-efficient way to hold a foreign investment? The answer depends on many variables, which I’ll walk you through…
  • The benefits of incorporating in an offshore haven…as well as introductions to my top contacts in the best offshore havens in the world today…
Reserve My Place!

Again, my goal in The Simon Letter is to inform you of all your legal options and to help you figure out the opportunities that best suit you.

This is serious, down-to-business, here’s-what-you-need-to-do-to-protect-yourself advice. No frills. No dreamy travel tales, because we’ve no time to lose. Plus, once you get to know me, you’ll realize that I’m not what you’d call patient.

I like to get to the point, take a position, take my profits, and move on.

For every opportunity I bring to you, I’ll support it with introductions to the people who can help you follow through. And when I recommend somebody, it’s somebody I trust and who has helped me in the past. I don’t deal in hearsay or secondhand references.

Perhaps best of all, the Simon Letter service won’t just help you achieve international diversification; it will help you maintain it…by keeping you abreast of tax and legal changes, new markets, and new opportunities.

Why Your Window Of Opportunity For
Global Diversification Is Closing

Our world is changing very fast…and not for the better.

As it turns out, I’ve been in the right place at the right time these past two decades, learning, trip by trip…international move by move…offshore investment by offshore investment…how to identify, vet, and act on the world’s best opportunities for both making and preserving wealth.

I’ve had the luxury of 20 years to figure this stuff out. Unfortunately, you don’t…and here’s why.

  • The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act has already caused Citibank to place restrictions on international wire transfers, as of December 2012…
  • Amendments tacked on to the HIRE Act require foreign banks (that is, your bank in Mexico, Belize, France, wherever…) to report on the activities of all U.S. clients. Effective Dec. 31, 2013, those who don’t comply will be subject to a 30% withholding on U.S.-originated money transfers…an unacceptable scenario that has caused banks to drop U.S. clients like hot potatoes…
  • Swiss bankers have already declared their disinterest in doing business with U.S. citizens. They just won’t work with Americans anymore. It’s not worth the hassle or the liability…
  • As the U.S. government and IRS increase the pressure abroad, many other countries are quickly following suit. In Uruguay, for instance, only the government’s bank will accept Americans, while many private banks won’t. And regulations are stricter than they were just a few years ago…

Uncle Sam is working quietly, behind the scenes, to put obstacles in place that will make it more difficult for you to broaden your horizons overseas. And much more difficult for you to be in the driver’s seat of your own future.

It’s not just the banking arena that’s under threat.

In 2008, unrelated changes to the Veterans Act allowed for an “exit tax” on U.S. citizens who choose to leave the country and end their citizenship.

What other countries have done this in the past? Nazi Germany…the Soviet Union….Apartheid South Africa…

Your civil liberty is at stake.

This is the sobering fact: There are already restrictions that make it hard for you to move assets and diversify abroad…and more restrictions are signed into a law to take effect this year.

Uncle Sam wants control of your money, and access to your assets… and your options for diversification are dwindling as time passes.

So, yes, things are changing quickly.

However, I can guarantee you that, as of this writing, you do still have options and opportunities for taking control of your future.

And here’s how you can do it…

Simon Letter Global Intelligence Service
Jump-Start Your Plan for Global Diversification

By joining me with my own, time-proven methods, you’ll limit your sovereign and financial risk…while becoming a true citizen of the world, with access to all of its opportunities.

The Simon Letter is designed to bring you the best and latest information available on the opportunities, regulations, risks and rewards of internationalizing your life; info that allows you to roadmap your way to international diversification.

Specifically, when you register for my advisory service, you’ll receive:

  • Monthly subscription to the Simon Letter; a monthly publication that’s the gold standard in offshore intelligence and international diversification…
  • US$100 conference discounts, to all Live and Invest Overseas events, anywhere in the world…
  • Referrals to my extensive list of key players and innovators in the offshore world…
  • The Offshore Living Letter, my twice-weekly e-mail dispatch, covering offshore diversification information and important emerging issues…
  • Special Briefing #1: Planting Your Five Flags of Global Diversification (Value: US$39)

In this briefing, I’ll walk you thought the basic framework of global diversification by covering the five major diversification categories. We refer to these as the “Five Flags of Global Diversification”. I’ll cover the value of “planting” international flags in these areas:

“Well Done!”

“I just received my first issue of your Simon Letter and I must say well done! I read it straight through, twice. The articles were thought-provoking and disturbing. Congratulations on a great publication.”
Bill S., United States

  • Citizenship
  • Residency
  • Banking
  • Assets
  • Business

We’ll take a close look at what these concepts mean to an individual, why they’re important building blocks, and how to apply them…

  • Special Briefing #2: Top Options For Foreign Residency And Citizenship (Value: US$49)
  • The numbers of Americans seeking new options for foreign residency and second citizenship are increasing dramatically. In this 45-minute presentation (delivered immediately to your in-box), I’ll walk you through everything you need to know to understand your best current options for establishing residency or obtaining a second passport abroad…
  • Special Briefing #3: Benefits Of Relocating Your Business Overseas (Value: US$69)
  • The advantages of basing and operating your business offshore are many. In this 45-minute presentation, a top international business and tax attorney shows you how, step-by-step, to organize and orchestrate moving your business offshore…
  • Special Briefing #4: The Best Kept Secret In International Banking (Value: US$49)
  • One country is rising from the ashes of the global banking debacles of the past few years to become an unexpected leader in the industry. This jurisdiction is a custom-conceived tax haven…and increasingly the best offshore banking center in the world.

“A Great Too”

“I very much enjoy your newsletter. I hope to make the transition to an overseas haven, and I find your information a great tool. Thanks, and all the best.”
–J.P., USA

A banker with more than three decades experience in global banking–the first 25 years in Europe–introduces you in detail to the benefits and advantages of this emerging banking haven.

  • Special Briefing #5: Global Asset Protection For A Dangerous World (Value: US$69)
  • Asset protection is not a scheme to evade taxes. We live in a very transparent world. When you write a check, make a credit card purchase, or move money internationally, you leave a trail. There’s no such thing as doing anything off the radar anymore. Don’t try to hide anything.
  • However you can have everything organized and structured so that it’s difficult, un-interesting, even impossible for anyone to get your assets…get your “nuisance value” very high, so to speak.
  • This special presentation tells you how to do that, and it’s included when you become a member of my Simon Letter service.

Normally priced at US$149, the discounted cost of the Simon Letter service for you today is only just $119 per year (a savings of 20% off). What’s more, you’re guaranteed that discounted price for as long as you remain a member.

You’ll receive all Special Briefings immediately when you subscribe…along with the current issue of the Simon Letter.

At this reduced price, my Simon Letter service is a proven, cost-effective alternative to keeping up with the constantly-changing offshore landscape.

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This Is Your Final Call

I’m not an alarmist. I’m a pragmatist.

“Just The Facts”

“I like it that you don’t try to use scare tactics like some do. Thanks again! You and your wife are doing a great service..”
Peter L., Canada

And as a pragmatic investor, I’ve seen the writing on the wall for some time. I’ve worked all these years–with an added sense of urgency more recently–to take control of my own life…my own financial future…and most importantly, the future of my family and heirs.

Now I’m offering you a chance to do the same.

You still have time…and now you have a way out. The Simon Letter is your ticket. You’ve nothing to lose…and everything to gain. Plus, I guarantee that you’ll sleep better at night.

But during this open enrollment period I’m insisting that the price be as reasonable as possible. My goal in this service is to share what has become, in the current global climate, critically important information and intelligence with as wide a readership as possible.

Follow the link to join the Simon Letter. Your corresponding Special Briefings will be delivered to your inbox immediately.

“Real Knowledge From Firsthand Experience”

“Enjoy your letter and the knowledge it imparts. Keep up the good work”
Mike G., United States

One year from now, you’ll enjoy security and stability in your life. You’ll have begun building a legacy of real assets and real wealth, while protecting them from sovereign, economic, and currency risk.

While others are painted into a corner, you’ll have options–for everything from residency to banking to estate planning–on a global scale.

Most importantly, you’ll be in the driver’s seat–not your government, Wall Street or the whims of the currency market–heading to your own secure future.

Please act now to join me as we prepare for the future.

Reserve My Place!


Lief Simon
Editor, The Simon Letter

P.S. Honestly, there is no other publication like The Simon Letter out there. Others who write in this offshore arena speak theoretically. I speak and write from firsthand experience. Twenty years of it. Overseas investments…dual citizenship…second passports…international banking…asset protection…foreign residency…offshore bank accounts…foreign corporations…I not only research this stuff, I live it. I do it for survival and for the future of myself and my family. I invite you now to join me.

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Here’s What Current Simon Letter Subscribers Have To Say:

“You’re my favorite newsletter writer. I really enjoy what you put out. Maybe because it never sounds like hype–which I hate!” –A.K., Panama

“I just received my first issue of your Simon Letter and I must say well done! I read it straight through, twice. The articles by Msrs. Grey, Nagel, and Rusch were thought provoking and disturbing. Congratulations on a great start to the new publication.” —B.S., United States

“I have just finished reading the January 2012 Simon Letter. Thank you for working on this new product and making it available for an affordable price.” —D.R., United States

“Way to go Lief…Your type of answers and information are exactly what we need. The Last letter was great really enjoyed reading Lee Harrison again he has a great writing style and fills in all the information. Missed his information over the last couple of years. Keep up the good work.” — R.S., United States

“I like it that you don’t try to use scare tactics like some do. 🙂 Thanks again! You and your wife are doing a great service.” — P.L., Canada

“I very much enjoy your newsletter. I hope to make the transition to an overseas haven one of these days, and I find your information a great tool. Thanks, and all the best.” — J.P., United States

“Thank you ‘Father Lief’ for a most wonderful Letter.With you (and your wife’s) guidance, I am about to embark on my own voyage…moving to Mexico.Letters such as the one I just read from you are ever so helpful.Thanks again!” — B.N., United States

“How refreshing your writings are. Shocking…you tell the truth! Really just wanted to say, THANK YOU, for telling your readers the truth. They need to be prepared and use ‘tactics’ to make it work inmany other countries; AND they should seriously consider dual residences if at all possible.” —L.F., United States

“I have subscribed to many newsletters that fall short of the practical information that I need. The Simon Letter is everything promised and much more. I do not want to miss even one issue.” —R.J, Unites States

“The simplicity of explaining the financial landscape has made your publication a personal favorite read. Thank you!” —C.K., Mexico

“I’m a Merchant Sailor and I enjoy your writing. You have got the flair! Your information doesn’t hurt at all, either!” —C.R., Unites States

“Thanks Lief for the valuable information. I really enjoy your articles. They have been very helpful.Wouldn’t miss any.” —A.C., United States

“I have great respect for your opinion.” —F.B., United States

“God bless you for your gracious demeanor in explaining again for the unenlightened the insightful use of the few tax codes on the books that allow a U.S. citizen to try to hold on to what few dollars we have left legally. Thanks for your great publication.” —B.W., United States

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