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Last Tax Loopholes

The Last Tax Loopholes: Two Assets The IRS Doesn't Care About... Yet

The Assets You Need To Own
Before The IRS Starts Taking Them Too!

You know that, as an American, wherever in the world you go, Uncle Sam requires you to report on your worldwide income and assets.

Most tax loopholes for going offshore were closed with the U.S. Tax Reform Act of 1986. Your options today are now more limited, but the benefits can be significant.

But there are two investments that the government doesn’t require you to report. No questions asked. They’re simply not interested. What are they?

Unfortunately, most people don’t understand the rules as they relate to an American abroad.

Lief Simon has spent the past 20 years figuring out how to internationalize his life and diversify his assets, his business ventures, and his investments.

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