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Diversification Is Key, Whether Trump Delivers Or Not

30 Jan
Why Trump and anyone wlse who comes shouldn't worry you

Diversification Is Key, Whether Trump Delivers Or Not

Ignore Trump; Stay Your Own Course

When President Trump was elected to office, some readers wrote to say they’d decided to put their flag-planting efforts on hold.

Maybe President Trump would be able to achieve his goal of making America great again, they figured.

He’s certainly gotten off to a dramatic start.

Love or hate what he’s doing… believe or don’t buy into his promises for what he intends to do from here… I urge you to remember one overriding reality:

No matter what Trump is able to accomplish, good or bad, his tenure is limited to a maximum of eight years.

After that, the next guy could reverse Trump’s policies… for better or for worse… just as Trump seems to be working overtime to reverse those of Obama.

Push and pull… back and forth… this guy in and then out…

So goes politics.

International diversification isn’t a strategy to be undertaken… or forsaken… in reaction to short-term political particulars.

Planting flags is a long-term wealth creation, wealth-preservation, and legacy-ensuring action plan that can be the difference between carrying on enjoying the lifestyle you’ve created for yourself regardless who holds what office… and watching your net worth drop overnight because of a single political or economic event.

Argentina provides a relevant case study.

Following The Argentinian Example

Argentina was a wealthy nation in the late 1800s. Over the last century, though, this country has gone from boom to bust to boom to bust to…

Economically and politically, Argentina is a rollercoaster, and Argentines have learned not to take any of it too seriously.

Any Argentine with money understands that he needs to spread his assets around, keeping as much of what he’s got outside his home country as possible. This is an Argentine’s strategy regardless who is in any position of power and regardless the current state of Argentina’s economy.

Even during good times, an Argentine is well-diversified… because he knows from hard experience that good times never last forever.

Whether Trump makes America great again or not, you want to stay your own course and continue evolving and cementing your global diversification program. Creating a well-diversified and well-insulated international lifestyle supported by a well-protected investment portfolio doesn’t happen overnight or even over the course of even a two-term president’s time in office.

We can all wish Trump well… or not.

But we must, each of us, meantime, push on managing our own affairs.

Lief Simon