Los Islotes Beachfront Community: Our Grand Vision

Los Islotes Beachfront Community

Privacy, Security, And Freedom On Panama’s Pacific Coast

Lief is traveling today… the start of a three-week scouting trip. You’ll hear from him from the road starting Thursday.

Today he’s asked his wife Kathleen Peddicord to fill in for him. Kathleen shares her and Lief’s vision for the Los Islotes community the couple is creating on Panama’s Pacific coast…

Dear Offshore Living Letter Reader,

One of the first buyers at Los Islotes, the beachfront community Lief and I are developing on Panama’s Azuero Sunset Coast, was a man named John.

John had two children and a long-term girlfriend, but he came down to visit the property on his own.

John was in his early 70s. Los Islotes was just getting started.

John recognized that the realization of the Los Islotes vision was sometime down the line, but he wasn’t bothered by that. John was wise enough to …Continue Reading

The Time For Property Investment In Brazil Has Returned

Property Investment In Brazil

Property Investment In BrazilCrumbling Real Means It’s Time For A Fresh Look At Brazil

From 2003 to 2005, I recommended real estate investment in Brazil, specifically apartments in Rio de Janeiro. Many readers did well with that recommendation.

In more recent years, I’ve shied away from Brazil. Investing in this country comes with complications. When Brazil’s currency is strong, most opportunities are too expensive to be worth the hassle. You have abundant options for easier places to invest for comparable or better expected returns.

However, I believe that the time for investment in Brazil has returned. Specifically, I’m speaking of property investment.

With the Brazilian real weakening and the local economy softening, opportunities to invest in this country are again attractive enough to overcome the complications this country’s bureaucracy creates for investors.

Back in 2003, when I was recommending apartments on the beach in Rio, the real was in the range of three to the dollar. Today’s real is considerably weaker even than that.

And, when we’re talking about 3.65 reals to US$1, everything in Brazil becomes much more appealing.

I’ve solicited a two-part series on the current climate and …Continue Reading