Euro-Dollar Exchange Rate And Greece Debt Crisis Implications For Purchasing Property Denominated In Euros

Top Real Estate Investment Opportunities For 2013
Top Real Estate Investment Opportunities For 2013Timing A Property Purchase In Euro-land

June 29, 2015
Panama City, Panama

Dear Offshore Living Letter Reader,

I don’t try to predict currency exchange rates. I pay attention to them in property markets where I’m active or interested in investing, but I don’t attempt to time property purchases to them except in extraordinary circumstances.

Timing a currency investment is different than trying to time a real estate investment according to currency fluctuations. Currencies are liquid. Real estate is not. Making the decision to buy another currency can be done online and in seconds. Scouting and due diligence for a property investment are best done in person on the ground and take time, sometimes months. Rarely does it make sense to hold off on a real estate purchase while waiting for a currency to reach the exchange rate you’re hoping for.

Early last year, I bought an apartment in Paris even though I felt the euro was overpriced. Had I waited until the same time this year to buy that apartment, I would have saved 20% on the euro I bought with my U.S. dollars for the purchase. On the other hand, I would have missed out on that particular apartment, which fit my needs in terms of location, size, and layout. I bought when I bought because I had a need for the property, because I had the time to focus and carry out the search necessary to finding the …Continue Reading

Lief Simon And Kathleen Peddicord’s Private Development Community At Los Islotes, Azuero, Panama

azuero, panama
azuero, panamaThis Prophesy Is Beginning To Play Out As I Predicted Starting More Than Six Years Ago

June 25, 2015
Panama City, Panama

Dear Offshore Living Letter Reader,

One part of diversifying your life internationally is choosing where you want to spend your time. The world is a big place with many options.

Europe offers Old World charm and history… Asia offers vast cultural diversity… Latin America is sunny and accessible, plus you can get by in most of the region with a single language…

My wife Kathleen and I decided years ago that we didn’t want to pick just one place for living or retiring. We came up with a plan to follow the seasons in a way that would allow us to enjoy regular doses of the different lifestyles we most appreciate. We decided further that, in each place where we knew we wanted to spend time long-term, we would invest in a foothold. We wanted roots in each community, not to pass through as tourists for a few weeks or months at a time.

Paris is our choice for a Euro-city lifestyle and our favorite place in the world. With Paris, we’ve partnered Croatia for Continental country life, Medellín for the best of Latin living, and the western coast of Panama’s Azuero Peninsula. That last is our beach pick, chosen because we think that stretch of this country’s coastline is as good as …Continue Reading