Investing In Real Estate

Investing In Real Estate
Investing In Real EstateTrendy Is Transient—Here’s A Far More Powerful
Market Indicator

Nov. 20, 2014
Managua, Nicaragua

Dear Offshore Living Letter Reader,

In my office, on the wall alongside my desk, I have a map of the Caribbean that includes the north coast of South America and much of Central America. The cumulative lengths of coastline represented amount to well over 12,000 miles. Looking at it all, you have to wonder…

What makes one 20-meter stretch of this stuff worth millions…while another can be worthless?

The explanations are varied—sandy beach versus rocky coves versus cliff tops…ease of access…infrastructure and services (electricity, water, a town)…politics and economics (not a lot of demand in Venezuela or Haiti right now)…

But one of the biggest value changers is perception.

A trendy spot, beach or otherwise, can become trendy just because people begin to perceive it that way. Maybe a celebrity buys in a small town or a movie is filmed nearby or a reality show is shot on location…triggering the marketplace to believe there’s something cool or interesting about a place they’d previously never heard of.
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How To Find The Right Resources And Advisors Offshore

How To Find The Right Resources And Advisors Offshore
Everybody's Got A HammerEverybody’s Got A Hammer

Nov. 17, 2014
Panama City, Panama

Dear Offshore Living Letter Reader,

The doctor I found was part of the health insurance plan that I had recently signed up for. He was listed as a primary care physician, but his specialty was cardiology. On my first visit for an annual checkup, the first thing the guy did was hook me up to some electrodes to check my heart. He probably ran blood tests, as well, but the electrodes stand out in my memory.

All was fine on that visit, but a couple of weeks later I came down with a flu so I went back. This time, again, the doctor hooked me up to the electrodes and checked my heart. It struck me as a little odd at the time, but I didn’t really think about it. Now, though, again, this sticks out in my memory. Continue reading “How To Find The Right Resources And Advisors Offshore” »