Which Property Market In Europe Will Benefit From Brexit?

The Property Market In Europe has taken a hit from brexit.

The Property Market In Europe has taken a hit from brexit.European Property Markets Post-Brexit

So the Brits are leaving the EU.

At least that’s how they voted last week. Today, though, it seems some from both sides of the argument would like to revisit the discussion.

Both Remain voters and some Leavers have petitioned Parliament to consider holding a second referendum. Several Leave voters have been quoted as saying they’d like to change their votes. It seems they didn’t understand the consequences of the votes they cast the first time.

One Brit I heard interviewed told the reporter he didn’t think his vote would matter so he voted for Leave. Darwin fails us again.

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Where And How To Establish Foreign Residency

A man signing papers for residency. Discover Where And How To Establish Foreign Residency

How To Establish Foreign ResidencyHow Much Diversification Is Too Much?

A friend is pursuing multiple residency options concurrently.

He’s in different stages of trying to establish residency in several different countries with an eye to eventually obtaining citizenship in each one, as well. He figures that at least one of the applications won’t work out. Plus, each comes with different time lines and requirements, and these things are always changing, so he has decided that the best strategy is to cast a wide net.

Setting up legal residency in several places at once takes time and a bit of money. The attorney and government fees add up. However, my friend has decided that, for him, the peace of mind that he’ll have with the options he’s putting in place for himself will be well worth the cost.

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