How To Get Started Diversifying Your Investments Offshore

Five Flags Made EZ
Five Flags Made EZFive Flags Made EZ

 Oct. 23, 2014

Belize City, Belize

Lief is occupied on stage today, hosting his first-ever Global Asset Protection and Wealth Summit in Belize. Kathleen joined him at the event yesterday and reports here live from the scene…

Dear Offshore Living Letter Reader,

We got right to the point:


It’s the surprisingly simple answer to the sometimes seemingly impossible-to-process question:

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Self-Sufficient Lifestyle At Maya Spring Estates, Cayo, Belize

BelizeIf The World Collapses, Here’s Where You’ll Find Me

Oct. 20, 2014
Cayo, Belize

Dear Offshore Living Letter Reader,

I’m in Belize this week for my Global Asset Protection And Wealth Summit taking place Wednesday through Friday. Kathleen and I arrived in Belize City yesterday afternoon and took an in-country flight out to Cayo to visit our neem trees. When we were last in Belize, in August, we commissioned this first round of tree planting, about 100 neem trees to create a hedge around the border of the 10 acres we own in Maya Spring Estates. The neem will act not only as a hedge, but also as a deterrent to pests. That’s the theory.

Ten acres isn’t a huge piece of land, but it’s big enough for us to begin to learn what we’re trying to learn. Kathleen and I both have an interest in farming and the sustainable life, but neither of us has much practical experience. Our 10-acre parcel in Cayo, Belize, is our first investment in fixing that.
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