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best residency options
best residency optionsChoosing Where To Plant Your Residency Flag

May 21, 2015
Panama City, Panama

Dear Offshore Living Letter Reader,

One important piece of internationalizing your life is establishing residency in another country, either because you intend to move to that country or because you want a backup residency in your back pocket in case things go completely sideways and you decide it’s time to bug out.

You have many good options in either case, including many jurisdictions that are great places to live and also offer great easy residency options.

Panama offers perhaps the best backup residency option available anywhere, its “Friendly Nations” program. This allows you to obtain permanent residency right away (as opposed to temporary residency, which then must be renewed annually) and requires you to be in the country only one day every two years to keep your status. Government and attorney costs associated with establishing residency in Panama are higher than in other countries (in part because, by law, you must use an attorney and cannot attempt a do-it-yourself residency visa, as you can in most other jurisdictions). Regardless, again, this is one of the easiest residency options you’ll find anywhere if you’re from one of the 48 countries designated on the “friendly nations” list.

Residency options in Colombia are good, but that country doesn’t have a program similar to Panama’s “Friendly Nations” option. In Colombia, you can get temporary residency by investing as little as US$27,000 (at today’s exchange rate between the U.S. dollar and the Colombian peso) in a …Continue Reading

Invest For Residency In Colombia

Timber Opportunity In Colombia Provides Residency And A Turnkey Double-Digit Return

May 18, 2015
Panama City, Panama

Dear Offshore Living Letter Reader,

Among the investment opportunities presented during our conference last week in Medellín, Colombia, was a new timber project in that country.

Timber investing has one of the best, if not the best, risk-to-return ratios you’ll find. Trees don’t have an expiration date. You can leave them to continue growing if for some reason the market isn’t with you at the time you originally planned for harvest. Trees also require much less maintenance than other more active types of agricultural investments.

Therefore, investing in trees suits the long-term investor.

This new project in Colombia is located in an area that has been targeted for plantation development by one of the biggest forestry management companies in this country. This group has already planted more than 7,000 hectares of trees and plans to plant tens of thousands of additional hectares over the next several years.

However, they can’t do it all by themselves.

That’s why they’re working with targeted development teams. One of these teams, which I invited to participate in last week’s Live and Invest in Colombia event, has put together a …Continue Reading