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09 Apr
A seaside town in Italy

The Best Real Estate Markets From The Covid-19 Virus Fire Sale

Call Me Cold And Heartless… But I’d Say We’re In For The Greatest Buyer’s Market The World Has Ever Seen Some might call it cold or heartless... I call it being pragmatic. The fact is that the COVID-19 crisis is going to create one of the greatest buyer’s markets the world has ever seen. Overleveraged [...]
17 Mar
A Bold Prediction About This High-Profile Property Market

Is Panama City’s Real Estate Market On The Rise?

Why would you want to buy a piece of real estate overseas? That was the starting point for the discussions that have taken place throughout this week’s Global Property Summit down here in sunny Panama. The big advantage of real estate anywhere is that it’s a hard asset, a real and long-term store of wealth. […]

14 Mar
Resort rentals with Turn-key returns

Top Turn-Key Global Investment Opportunities

“Welcome to Panama and welcome to Lief Simon’s Third Annual Global Property Summit…” So I began bright and early this sunny Panama morning in the meeting rooms of Panama City’s Marriott Hotel. “I’ve been scouting foreign property markets for more than 30 years… since 1985,” I continued for all assembled. “I made my first foreign […]

16 Nov
New Property Investment Service Launches Today

New Property Investment Service Launching

Tomorrow we’re publishing the first issue of my newest advisory service, Global Property Advisor (GPA). I’ve written and edited many global property investment services. This is the best. First, because it reflects my now more than 20 years of experience. Second, because it is being launched at the start of the current Golden Age of […]

12 Nov
Global Property Investing During This Golden Age

Global Property Investing During This Golden Age

Before the 2008 global crisis, when real estate prices collapsed in many markets, everyone thought real estate values could only go up. Then, in a flash, values dropped by 50% and more in Spain, Ireland, Nicaragua, Greece, some U.S. markets, and beyond. Any market that relied either on foreign (especially U.S.) buyers or on aggressive […]