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15 Sep
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Investing Offshore

Why In The World Should You Invest Offshore? Diversification through investing offshore can reduce your portfolio volatility while maintaining returns. In addition to providing portfolio diversification, offshore investments provide a high degree of choice and flexibility. A large percentage of the over 80,000 funds traded worldwide are located offshore. Investing in these funds must often be [...]
15 Sep
Two jars filled with money for retirement.

FAQs About IRA Investing Offshore

International Investment Through An IRA IRAs are a great way to grow a portion of your investment assets on a tax-deferred basis. Most Americans have their IRA assets locked up in U.S. stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. The tax code that regulates IRAs and other defined retirement accounts, however, does not place many of the [...]
28 Jul
Don’t let the news cycles dictate or even affect your diversification plan.

Don’t Let News Cycles Dictate Your Diversification Plan

Over the years, readers have called me crazy and even stupid for visiting and investing in one country or another… Argentina in 2002, Romania in 2004, Egypt in 2005, Colombia in 2011… for example… They’ve forwarded me U.S. State Department reports and warnings about various countries. They’ve asked whether I watch the news or have […]

19 Mar
how to invest overseas

How And Where To Invest In Property Overseas

“Any overseas property investment you make should be safe, simple, enjoyable, and profitable…” –Jeff Matthews at this week’s Global Property Summit Why would you want to buy a piece of real estate overseas? That’s where we began the discussions during the opening presentations for Lief Simon’s Global Property Summit, taking place this week in the […]

15 Nov
In The Room With The Heaviest Hitters In The Offshore World

In The Room With The Heaviest Hitters In The Offshore World

How To Go Offshore: You Can Do It Yourself (Shocker) This week's Offshore Summit has been organized around a series of panel discussions, one for each of the Five Flags being considered. Yesterday morning, Mark Nestmann, one of the world's leading experts in offshore residency and second citizenship, led a panel discussion related to choosing [...]
06 Aug
Emergency Offshore Summit, Panama City, Panama

Emergency Offshore Summit, Panama City, Panama

What We Learned In Panama This Week This week's Emergency Offshore Summit in Panama City was exhausting and exhaustive. The overriding theme was one that I've been heralding for years, specifically: The offshore world is an ever-moving target...so take action when you can. Otherwise, you could lose your window of opportunity. In Panama, one bank [...]