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29 Aug
Kathleen Peddicord speaking at the Retire Overseas Conference.

Retire Overseas Conference Q&A Session With Kathleen Peddicord

After nine weeks on the road in Europe, Lief Simon is in Las Vegas this week co-hosting this year’s Retire Overseas Conference with his wife Kathleen Peddicord. Kathleen reports on the goings-on live from the scene… “Welcome to Las Vegas… welcome to Live and Invest Overseas’ Sixth Annual Retire Overseas Conference…” So I addressed the […]

25 May
ecuador beach manabi puerto lopez

How To Choose The Best Place To Retire Overseas

A reader of my wife’s Overseas Opportunity Letter wrote in over the weekend to say that a friend told her Ecuador is closed. That country is full up and not taking any more American retirees. Therefore, the friend will be moving to Granada, Nicaragua, instead and suggests that we update our recommendations. We shouldn’t be […]