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Tag: Doing Business In Colombia

19 Oct
Plaza De Botero, Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia

2 Nights In The City Of Eternal Spring—On Me

The first time I ever recommended Americans think about retiring (and investing) overseas was back in 1985. When I began making these kinds of suggestions, I was sometimes met with suspicion… sometimes ignored… now and then even attacked as part of the lunatic fringe. The good news is that today the idea of living or [...]
02 Aug
Investing In Coffee In Colombia

Investing In Coffee In Colombia

"Grown In Colombia"--A Business Opportunity (It's Probably Not What You Think) I wrote last week about the abundance of business and investment potential in Colombia right now. We noticed opportunity everywhere we looked. Our daughter, for example, decided to try exporting the cow hides we found for sale in a roadside shop just outside Medellin. We [...]