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26 Oct
Taxation On Foreign Earned Income Vs. Passive Income

Taxation On Foreign Earned Income Vs. Passive Income

At my Global Asset Protection and Wealth Summit in Panama City last week, the single most frequently asked question was this: “What can I do to make my passive income qualify for the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion… so I don’t have to pay tax on it?” The answer is: Nothing. There’s nothing an American can […]

28 May
offshore corporation bank account is the first stop into Reducing Tax

Aggressive Anti-Money-Laundering Efforts Make Offshore Banking More Challenging

I’ve been reporting on the coming of FATCA for eight years. That’s old news. FATCA has arrived. It’s a reality of today’s offshore world. Banks have decided or are in the process of deciding which path they’ll follow toward compliance. Either they’ll continue to work with American clients and meet all the reporting requirements… or […]