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In Offshore Living Letter, we’ll be covering topics like:

  • Why an offshore bank account is a basic requirement... and places you should think about opening an account today;
  • The lowdown on asset protection—a defensive (not offensive) strategy;
  • What a second citizenship can do for you—and, again, where you might consider establishing citizenship;
  • The two types of investment that the IRS cares nothing about (in other words, you can put your money in these and not have to report them when you file your taxes Stateside);
  • The problem with paper money—and ways to invest outside of paper currency (gold and silver are two top choices);
  • Where in the world it still makes sense to buy property as an investment (for both the short- and long-term);
  • Actual real estate opportunities you can act upon right now (I’m particularly interested in productive land these days... and I’ll explain more about why);
  • Structures that will make it impossible for anyone in the world to touch your assets (again, all 100% legal);
  • The big tax issues when investing, living, and doing business offshore (including issues such as the foreign earned income exclusion, domicile versus residence for tax purposes, taking advantage of low-tax and zero-tax jurisdictions);
  • Ways to minimize your taxes. Again, you want to be fully compliant. We’ll explore ways of reducing your international tax burden;
  • The benefits of incorporating in an offshore haven (as well as introductions to the best offshore havens in the world today).

Our goal is to inform you of all your legal options and to help you figure out the opportunities that best suit you.

As I’ve said, this is serious, down-to-business, here’s-what-you-need-to-do-to-protect-yourself advice. No frills. No dreamy travel tales. We’ve no time to lose.

We Value Your Privacy!

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