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28 May
Riviera Nayarit beach Mexico

Pre-Construction Opportunity In Riviera Nayarit, Mexico

Forget Tulum—This Is The Place To Be Investing In Mexico A few years back, while everyone else was still raving about Tulum, I'd already moved my sights over on the other side of Mexico. If you took my advice then you got a heck of a deal on an ocean-view property situated in the heart [...]
25 May
US flag money

A Guide To Tax Obligations For U.S. Citizens Living Overseas

This Is The Cornerstone Of Any Plan B The United States and Eritrea, a small African nation, are the only two countries in the world to tax citizens on their worldwide income no matter where they live. Other countries tax their citizens only if they reside or earn money in the country. Americans living abroad [...]
21 May
brazil real estate by the coast

Real Estate Is On Sale, But Where Should You Be Buying?

I’m Still Investing In Real Estate Overseas Even Though I Can’t Travel—Here’s How After nine weeks under COVID-19 lockdown, people here in France are out on the streets again. Kids are back in schools (the school year in France runs through June, so they have a few weeks to go). Shops are open with capacity [...]
30 Apr
town by sea

Diversify Now Or Pay Later: Why You Need To Sell Your Stocks

What Should You Be Invested In Right Now? Not This... As some countries in Europe and some states in the United States begin reopening for business, the long-term impacts of shutting down global economies are being debated by experts and amateurs alike. The U.S. stock market, as tracked by the S&P 500, is still down [...]
27 Apr
belize and us dollars

Atlantic Bank International Account-Holders Must Read This

The Long Arm Of U.S. Regulatory Agencies Creates More Problems For Americans Offshore Last year, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) shut down a development project in Belize. The development had been marketing via TV infomercials in the States. The commercials must have been moving a lot of real estate... enough to get the attention [...]
23 Apr
paris ancient street

The 3 Real Estate Investment Lessons I Learned The Hard Way

3 Of The Biggest Investment Losses Of My Career (And What You Should Learn From Them) One big loss can wipe out a lot of gains. After more than two-and-a-half decades of property investing experience across 24 countries, I have learned that the hard way several times over. Here are the stories of three of [...]
16 Apr

Repatriating Funds From Overseas: Transfers, Taxes, And More

Don't Invest In These Offshore Markets Before Reading This Something to consider when investing in another country are the requirements for repatriating your funds if and when you decide to sell the investment. Often, transferring money out of a country isn't as simple as calling your bank and initiating a wire of the funds. Some [...]
13 Apr
hydroponic cantalope growing

Hydroponics Investment In Panama: Diversify For Fast Returns

Bold New Turn-key Investment In Agriculture Could Be The Most Profitable Discovery Of My Career It can seem a contradiction, but, while the coronavirus crisis has many of us locked up in our homes, the opportunity for action is great. Indeed, I am acting today on what I believe is the most promising and will [...]
09 Apr

The Best Real Estate Markets From The Covid-19 Virus Fire Sale

Call Me Cold And Heartless… But I’d Say We’re In For The Greatest Buyer’s Market The World Has Ever Seen Some might call it cold or heartless... I call it being pragmatic. The fact is that the COVID-19 crisis is going to create one of the greatest buyer’s markets the world has ever seen. Overleveraged [...]
06 Apr
lisbon aerial view

A Guide To The Best Real Estate Opportunities After COVID-19

Global Property Markets Post-Coronavirus—Here’s How And Where To Profit What will global property markets look like post the COVID-19 pandemic? I do not believe we’re going to see 40% to 70% drops like we did in the wake of the 2008/2009 global crisis, when real estate markets worldwide took huge hits with few exceptions. However, [...]