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20 Feb
salinas beach town in ecuador

Investing In Beachfront And City Real Estate In Ecuador

Latin Beauties And A Police Shoot-out I traveled to Ecuador for the first time in 1999. This was before the country dollarized. The sucre fell from about 7,000 to the U.S. dollar to 24,000 to the U.S. dollar that year. Meantime, El Niño had devastated Ecuador's coastal regions, contributing to the economic chaos. Chaos breeds [...]
13 Feb
old town in porto

Portugal’s Non-Habitual Residency Tax Updates: The Truth

Portugal’s NHR Tax Program Is Undergoing Changes—Here’s What You Need To Know Many readers have written to me over the last couple of months asking for confirmation and clarification of rumors they’ve read online about changes to Portugal’s Non-Habitual Residency (NHR) tax program. I’ve seen the articles myself. Some say the NHR is being eliminated [...]
10 Feb
timber investment in colombia

Timber Investment In Colombia In Ever Higher Demand

This Market Is Uniquely Positioned To Benefit From The Exploding Global Demands For Food And Fuel Our planet is home to more than 7.7 billion people. The United Nations estimates another billion in the next 10 years and a total of nearly 10 billion by mid-century. At the same time, the global middle class is [...]
06 Feb
granada colonial city in nicaragua

3 Of The Cheapest Places To Buy Property In 2020

My Annual Global Property Survey Reveals... About this time every year, with the help of fellow global property investor Lee Harrison, I take a snapshot of property prices worldwide. Our annual survey shows where values are rapidly appreciating... or collapsing. It identifies emerging bargain markets and shows which formerly undervalued destinations are becoming too expensive [...]
03 Feb
view across medellin colombia

The Strong Dollar Makes Real Estate In Colombia A Bargain

I've Tripled My Money In This Market And Am Diving Back In For More If you're holding U.S. dollars, you have a window of opportunity right now to take advantage of super-charged buying power in key overseas markets. The dollar's current strength is creating irresistible bargains in some countries where real estate trades in the [...]
30 Jan
hundred dollar bills in a stack

What’s Going To Happen To The U.S. Dollar In This Decade?

4 Predictions As We Embark On A New Decade So… we’re starting the ‘20s. Before we consider what this new decade might look like, let’s take a look at the ‘10s and what they brought. At the start of last decade, offshore and investment gurus were calling for the collapse of the U.S. dollar. The [...]
20 Jan
panama city oceanfront apartments

4 Top Tips For Maximum Profit Selling Your Property Overseas

4 Ways To Sell Your Overseas Property For Top Dollar When I sold the three-flat investment property in Chicago in 1998, marking the start of my overseas property investment career, the Windy City market was overheated. I listed the property at an inflated price relative to going market rates, thinking I was allowing myself room [...]
16 Jan
belize flag money

Welcome To Belize: Your All-In-One Offshore Destination

One-Stop Shop For Going Offshore If you’re shopping countries, trying to choose where to begin (or further) the process of internationalizing your life, one place should be near the top of your list: Belize. Belize offers good options for planting every possible offshore flag. That includes banking, residency, citizenship, structures, self-sufficient living, and jurisdictional taxation. [...]
13 Jan
portugal passport and dollars

Ignoring This Second Passport Advice Could Land You In Jail

Beware Black And Gray Market Passports A passport doesn't necessarily mean citizenship. You can obtain citizenship in another country through naturalization... and then, as a citizen, apply for a passport from that country. The other way around doesn't work. I’m talking about what are referred to as grey- and black-market passports. They'll land you in [...]
30 Dec

Why I’m Sensing Big Opportunities For Investors In 2020

What “QE4” Means For Global Investors—My #1 Prediction For 2020 Since the Great Recession, every major stock market move has come on the back of a central bank intervention. In March 2009, markets bottomed out when the Federal Reserve announced the massive expansion of its QE1 (quantitative easing) program, and they reached their peaks in [...]