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17 Sep

The 6 Best Countries To Get A Residency In 2020

When establishing a Plan B or backup residency, most people look for the easiest option… but “easiest” isn’t a one-size-fits-all concept. This debate came up during a conference call with my editorial team earlier this year. We realized that we’d used the term “world’s easiest residency” in two different articles, one referencing Colombia, the other […]

07 Sep
Signing Last Will and Testament

Why You Should Start Estate Planning Now

Estate planning is something everyone needs to think about even if all they intend to do is put a will in place designating what assets go to which heirs. Without a will in place, the deceased is considered intestate and their assets will be divided up based on the laws of the state where they […]

03 Sep
Diversify your portfolio

Why You Should Diversify Your Portfolio in Times of Crisis

I’ve written before about real estate investors writing in or coming up to me at conferences questioning my position on diversification of one’s real estate portfolio. Usually, they’re newer investors who haven’t seen the market or type of investment they focus on… fall. Two that I will always remember are the 20-something kid who invested […]

31 Aug
lisbon portugal

You May Be Surprised At How Low Taxes In Europe Can Be

Don't Discount Europe People often take Europe off the list of possibilities for where to move or invest overseas because they assume the residency options are too limited or the tax implications too onerous. The truth is that residency can be easier to obtain in some European countries than it is in some Latin American [...]
27 Aug
punta cana beach dominican republic

Our Online Retire Overseas Conference May Be The Best Ever

The Big 6—These Are The Key Issues To Address Before Moving To A New Country Over four days next month—Sept. 22-25—I’ll be co-hosting, alongside my wife and publisher Kathleen Peddicord, the biggest go-overseas event of the year. For our first-ever Retire Overseas Virtual Conference, Kathleen and I are bringing together more than 100 experts and [...]
24 Aug
tropical beach palm trees in panama

Exclusive Real Estate Opportunity In Panama From $49,000

How I’m Profiting From Panama’s Exploding Middle Class Tourism may be on hold around the world for now, but in some markets the real estate profit opportunities operate completely outside the tourism sector. These are deals that boast a real return at a time when you need it most. To that end, let's look at [...]
20 Aug
lagos in portugal, aerial view of town

Currency Considerations To Make Buying Real Estate Overseas

Currency Risks And Rewards When Buying Property Overseas One big and important difference between buying real estate for cash flow in the United States and buying real estate for cash flow overseas is that often the cash flows in a different currency. This is a potential upside and also a potential risk. In 2015, we [...]
17 Aug
montengro boka kotor

How To Ensure Your Overseas Real Estate Buy Is A Success

Why I Don't Like Other People’s Money "It's perfect. I'll take it. How much is it?" So said the Irish hairdresser to the Montenegrin real estate agent. The agent was touring the young woman through an apartment for sale in the medieval town of Kotor. The woman didn't get past the entryway before making her [...]
13 Aug
a house by the sea mediterranean

Top 3 Buy To Flip Markets For Real Estate Overseas

3 Best Buy-To-Flip Markets Overseas Buying to flip is a common real estate investment strategy in the United States that doesn’t make sense in most of the rest of the world where leverage isn’t easy and the costs of buying and selling are typically too great to make the math work. The option is to [...]
10 Aug
kyrenia harbour in northen cyprus

The Best 4 Property Investment Markets In 2020

Lief Simon Names Top 4 Overseas Property Investment Markets If I were just starting out as an investor today, with little capital and an eye to converting that capital as quickly as possible into a diversified global property portfolio, where would I invest? I get this question often, and my answer likely will surprise you. [...]