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16 Jan
belize flag money

Welcome To Belize: Your All-In-One Offshore Destination

One-Stop Shop For Going Offshore If you’re shopping countries, trying to choose where to begin (or further) the process of internationalizing your life, one place should be near the top of your list: Belize. Belize offers good options for planting every possible offshore flag. That includes banking, residency, citizenship, structures, self-sufficient living, and jurisdictional taxation. [...]
13 Jan
portugal passport and dollars

Ignoring This Second Passport Advice Could Land You In Jail

Beware Black And Gray Market Passports A passport doesn't necessarily mean citizenship. You can obtain citizenship in another country through naturalization... and then, as a citizen, apply for a passport from that country. The other way around doesn't work. I’m talking about what are referred to as grey- and black-market passports. They'll land you in [...]
30 Dec

Why I’m Sensing Big Opportunities For Investors In 2020

What “QE4” Means For Global Investors—My #1 Prediction For 2020 Since the Great Recession, every major stock market move has come on the back of a central bank intervention. In March 2009, markets bottomed out when the Federal Reserve announced the massive expansion of its QE1 (quantitative easing) program, and they reached their peaks in [...]
19 Dec
Paris protests

This Is Exactly Why I Have A Personal Freedom Plan

“These French… I Hate These French” Earlier this week, Kathleen had an appointment with her dentist here in Paris. Afterward, she told me that the poor guy spent most of the visit complaining about the situation in France right now. “These French… I hate these French,” he told her. Monsieur Cherel is French himself, of [...]
16 Dec
houses in portugal

What Is The Best Way To Track The Value Of Your Real Estate?

Year-End Property Portfolio Update I try to update the spreadsheet I use to track all of my real estate investments twice a year… in June and December. This month’s update is timely, as, as I’ve mentioned, I closed on the sale of a property in Portugal in November. I can now formally calculate my IRR [...]
09 Dec
Panama city downtown financial

My Top 4 Countries For Obtaining A Second Passport In 2020

The 4 Best Places To Get A Passport In 2020 How many countries the document allows you to travel to visa-free… Residency requirements (both to earn the passport and to maintain it), language requirements, and whether or not the country allows dual citizenship… As well as how long the naturalization and approval processes typically take… [...]
02 Dec
stock percentages rising

Most Get This Basic Investing Principle Wrong. Here’s The Truth About How This Works

How Diversified Is Perfectly Diversified? Diversification... A concept any investor learns at the beginning of his investing career. It's a straightforward idea. You'd figure most would get it right. Wrong. Unfortunately, most investors don't understand how to achieve proper diversification. Some diversify too little... and some overdo it. I can't tell you how many times [...]
28 Nov
young teak trees growing

Generational Wealth: How To Gift A Teak Investment

'Tis The Season For Legacy Planning (And Giving) Generational wealth bothers some people, from politicians who want to seize and redistribute it to the super wealthy who don't see the point of leaving everything to their kids. Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are on record stating their kids aren't going to inherit the majority of [...]
21 Nov

How To Identify Offshore Opportunities In The Market Today

Why I’m Cashing Out Of This Market This Week As I mentioned Monday, I closed this week on the sale of my rental property in Portugal. I bought the apartment on my first-ever trip to the country in 2015. A longtime friend and colleague on the ground told me that Portugal was finally coming out [...]
14 Nov
preparing for market crash

How To Prepare For A Market Crash If The Euro Collapses?

The euro has been bashed since its inception. Now, Hungary’s central bank governor is promoting the idea of European countries being allowed to walk away from it. Hungary is meant to adopt the euro… but its leading banker has cold feet. György Matolcsy says it’s time for all Europe to admit that the euro was a […]