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12 Aug
Kuba island in Nicaragua

Why International Real Estate Investing Isn’t For Everybody

Cherif Vs. Lief—Reasons To Avoid An Overseas Real Estate Investment A reader got in touch recently to say: "Lief, I have seen a posting online from Cherif Medawar on international real estate investing. It appears to contradict your group's continued advice on international investments. I'm forwarding it to you for a response because it shows [...]
08 Aug
Money balanced on a scale opposite bricks that read risk

The 2 Rules To Minimize Risk When Buying Real Estate

What Kind Of Risk-Taker Are You? Risk-taking is personal. Everyone has their own thresholds. Most people take few risks in their lives. They go with the comfortable job, make the safe investments, and stay within the lines with whatever they’re doing. Over the years, I’ve learned that education can be a game changer when it [...]
05 Aug
Paris, France

You May Be Surprised At How Low Taxes In Europe Can Be

So You Wanna Live In Europe? People often take Europe off the list of possibilities for where to move or invest overseas because they assume the residency options are too limited or the tax implications too onerous. The truth is that residency can be easier to obtain in some European countries than it is in [...]
01 Aug
A big house with a swimming pool

Why My Property Portfolio Is Doubled Down On Diversification

Making Money (And Finding Love) Overseas As longtime readers know, 99% of my investment portfolio is in real estate. Yet my overriding mantra is: Diversification, diversification, diversification. It is the key to success both with your investments and your lifestyle. That's why my real estate portfolio is very diversified. It includes agricultural land, raw land, [...]
29 Jul
Dollar bills and arrow going down

U.S. Dollar’s Bull Run Will End This Month—Here’s How You Can Profit From The Decline

End Of The Dollar's Bull Run? Do you travel to other countries? Canada, the United Kingdom, Portugal, China... Well, I do... a lot. And in recent years I've been enjoying how valuable the U.S. dollar has become against most world currencies. Hotels, restaurants, taxis... it's all become remarkably cheap. The Greenback has been on a [...]
25 Jul
The American flag

How I Found The American Dream Extends Beyond Borders

Lief Simon’s Single Secret To Success I grew up as the only child of a single mother. From a sociologist’s perspective, we probably would have been classified as lower-middle class. That’s using the nine-class category system that my college sociology professor taught—lower, middle, and upper, each having lower, middle, and upper subsets. I remember feeling [...]
22 Jul
Money transfer overseas

Repatriating Funds From Overseas: Transfers, Taxes, And More

What You Need To Know About Moving Money Across International Borders In Today’s World One thing to consider when investing in another country is to do with the requirements for repatriating your funds if and when you decide to sell the investment. Often, transferring money out of a country isn't as simple as calling your [...]
15 Jul
A for rent sign outside a nice property

Why I Never Buy Rental Property Based On Gross Yields

This Is The Only Way To Compare One Overseas Property Investment Option With Another How to compare one investment to another… one property to another… one return to another? These are constant challenges of the global property investor. Everyone has his opinion and strategy, including developers and promotors of real estate investments. Fortunately, some basic [...]
11 Jul
A colorful Paris street in the summer time

Why A Fully Diversified Portfolio Means Investing Overseas

The Recession-Proof Portfolio Secret You Need To Know At my annual Global Property Summit last month, we fielded lots of good questions from seasoned real estate investors whose experience was limited to their home countries. Many attendees were Americans with portfolios in a single market where they’ve focused their attention and have done well since the 2008 [...]