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14 Nov
preparing for market crash

How To Prepare For A Market Crash If The Euro Collapses?

The euro has been bashed since its inception. Now, Hungary’s central bank governor is promoting the idea of European countries being allowed to walk away from it. Hungary is meant to adopt the euro… but its leading banker has cold feet. György Matolcsy says it’s time for all Europe to admit that the euro was a […]

07 Nov
beach coast coconut trees

The Best Way To Start Developing Your Property Overseas

Part of my long-term offshore lifestyle and diversification strategy includes a beach house in Panama at the Los Islotes residential community my wife Kathleen and I have been developing on this country’s western Azuero coast. I’ve been involved in different ways in dozens of developments like Los Islotes in more than two-dozen countries over the past […]

28 Oct
The Benefits Of Living In More Than One Country paris cafe

What Are The Benefits Of Living In More Than One Country?

My Wife Assured The Guy That What He’s Looking For Doesn’t Exist "I disagree with you about Ecuador," a friend told me last night over drinks. He was referring to my general position, which is more to do with Quito, really, than Ecuador overall. Still, I wouldn't qualify either Quito or Ecuador as a great [...]
24 Oct
tomato plants growing

6 Investment Opportunities Overseas To Boost Your Cash Flow

My 6 Favorite Cash Flow Investment Opportunities Right Now (Earn 23% In 24 Months) If you were able to join us in Panama earlier this month for my annual Offshore Wealth Summit, it was great to spend time with you. If you weren’t able to be in the room, I want to be sure that [...]
17 Oct
definition of wealthy piggy bank and cash

Why My Definition Of “Wealthy” Might Surprise You

Anyone Can Be Wealthy... Here's The Secret Years ago I heard a definition of "wealthy" that has stuck with me. Being wealthy, the thinking goes, is having enough passive income to cover your living expenses. I know people who make a lot more money than I do each year, but they aren't wealthy. Some of [...]
07 Oct
IRR blocks

What Exactly Is IRR? Explaining Internal Rate Of Return

My Wife Insists You Don’t Understand Me My wife keeps telling me that no one understands me. Maybe she has a point. When making an investment recommendation to you, I reference something known as Internal Rate of Return… or IRR. It’s a tool for analyzing and comparing different opportunities. I get that most people aren’t [...]
23 Sep
Casco Viejo aerial view

The Dangers Buying Leveraged And Pre-Construction Property

Win Huge Or Lose It All—Using Leverage When Investing In Property Overseas At a conference 20 years ago, an elderly gentleman came up to me after I’d presented a real estate investment opportunity to say he didn’t invest in real estate anymore. I figured it was because, at his age, he probably wasn’t buying any [...]
16 Sep
A man filing taxes

The Challenges Of Tax Filing While Being Abroad

Oct. 15 Looms—Here's What You Need To Know To Stay Compliant That is, any American who filed for an extension is now buckling down to prepare his 2018 tax return... myself included. One related topic that has been generating lots of questions for me, both during last week's Retire Overseas Conference in Houston and in my inbox [...]